EAN-13 : 8909817999861

EAN-13: 8909817999861- Green Tea 25 Dip

Brand: Green Tea bags  (KP ORGANICS KANGRA FRESH)

Product Name: Green Tea Bags

Ingredient: Green Tea Leaves

Net Weight: 25 Dip

8909817999861- Green Tea Bags Brand owned by KP ORGANICS KANGRA FRESH

A perfect blend with high leafy aroma contains antioxidants beneficial for weight loss, cholesterol control and other ailments.

contains A pack of 1 : 25 Tea Bags

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Kangra Fresh Green Tea 25 Dip

Kangra Fresh Green Tea 25 Dip  8909817999861 is a fine Kangra Green Tea. best in color and rich in antioxidants & taste.

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Weight 100 g